100 Days to Offload

Consistently posting bloviations is often difficult to keep up. So many blogs that are empty shells of good intentions that fade out in a lack of follow-through. This happens with all kinds of things, like monthly challenges (yeah sure I'll make a song every day for a month) or wild art projects. So, of course, I'll try yet another one: it's called 100 Days To Offload.

The idea is pretty straightforward: do 100 blog posts within a year. This is a bit more appealing to me because the rule is so much looser than other systems that are intended to get oneself out of their own way. Instead of "make a drawing every day for a month", which leads to a missed day and a feeling of immediate failure, the timeline is far longer and the volume is lower. It's closer to "make ten drawings in a month" and indirectly admits an important truth: Life can and will claim a whole month of bandwidth without much warning.

Right now, on the Fediverse, there's an art prompt challenge called AuGHOST. It's a list of one-word prompts per day for the month of August, all of which are intended to inspire a work about a ghost. The account for the challenge is lovely - there's a lot of "Here are your prompts, do one every day or don't. No pressure for anything. Doesn't have to be visual art, can be anything. Just prompts and ghosts."

I like that, because it's a good vibe. Keep it loose and frame it as a set of inspirations. I decided to take the prompt for each Tuesday and write a ghost haiku about it (Haikuesday HA.) I'l stitch them all together into one cohesvie poem so they tell a story in chronological order. Not much else has made me want to write lately, so I'm grateful this exists.

100DaysToOffload has the same kind of promise to it. I think I can definitely wax lyrical about stuff I like a hundred times in the span of a year. In fact, I might even enjoy the process. It will at least get my writing brain working again.

(100DTO - 2/100)