Blog Trope #4,976,231

And so it arrived. The "Oh Jeez I Haven't Posted In Awhile" post. A timeless antiquity, a relic as ancient as the blagotubes themselves. Many a starved blog has made this death knell: abandoned project pages with the best of intentions that were smothered by, one can only assume, Life.

Of course, I'm no different. I look at the page and tweak the CSS. I notice the days since my last post ticking up in a steady clockwork mocking, each feeding the cacophonous feedback loop to the clanging echo of "Why are you still talking?" It's a clear propaganda campaign waged by badbrain, easily defused with a cup of coffee and a gentle self-reminder that I can do whatever the fuck I want.

I recently came across a post that advocated for cultivating a Personal Wiki instead of a blog, and the notion isn't a bad one - especially for a site like this one, intended to document various projects and the like. I think some part of me was under the impression that there must be a Blog if I'm going to be doing Internet right, but that's proving to be a silly notion. Mostly because Doing Internet Right isn't even a thing.

As it stands, this site is just a collection of linked pages to showcase some of the things with which I've been tinkering. Some part of that is an attempt at accountability for my hobbies: I have a tendency to come up with ideas and partly finish them, so having a site where I document them is like an outdated effigy to the things I haven't worked on. At time of writing, there are a bunch of updates that I could be doing to all of the project pages, but I haven't sat down and compiled material and all that.

In fact.... I should be doing that instead of continuing with this post. Consider the band-aid removed.